Metahaven, City Rising, 2014

Filmed, directed and designed by Metahaven.
Models by Constant Nieuwenhuys.
Words by Brian Kuan Wood.

Anne de Vries, Forecast, 2011

Sound by James Whipple (aka M.E.S.H.)
Technoerotic assistancy by Timur Si-Qin
Text part of ‘A.B.C. of Relativity’, by Bertrand Russell

Elstran Bros, Love Letter, 2015

Claudia Maté and Miguel Gómez (Miggu), The global Mood, 2013

Anthony Antonellis, Facebook Bliss, 2012

Erica Scourti, Life in AdWords, 2012-13

Agente Doble, Untitled 2.0, 2014

Intimidad Romero, Intimidad Romero, 2010-

LaTurbo Avedon, Soc net vogue, 2012

Ann Hirsch, Semiotics of the Camwhore, 2015

Pascale Barret, I’m an ungrateful beast, I know, 2013

Based on "I know that it’s all a state of mind", by Eva and Franco Mattes

Miyö Van Stenis, uÂ'------., 2012